“Why Do They Keep Score?”

Vince Lombardi, best known as the head coach of the Green Bay Packers during the 1960’s, said, “If it doesn’t matter who wins or loses, then why do they keep score?”

I ‘usually’ enjoy watching football with my sons.  This past Super Bowl was a rare exception. There are, however, a few lessons to be learned even in a trouncing! The glitz and emotion of professional sports together with the fact that someone wins and someone loses illustrates some very important lessons. Continue reading

What If the Labels and Identifiers Were Removed?

Is your child really a believer in Jesus Christ? Would your child still be a Christian if all of his or her external cultural cadences were removed? What if the commonly embraced identifiers of labels, preferred institutions, middle-upper class cliques, voice performance, piano proficiency, audio-visual ‘worship’, alliterated sermon outlines, and opportunities to display talent or fashion on Sunday were suddenly removed? Would your son or daughter still be a worshiper of the one true God? Continue reading

The ‘Upside-Down’ Values of the Kingdom of God

Jesus taught what greatness in the kingdom looks like, and in doing so discloses the ‘upside down’ values of the kingdom of God.

Mark 9:33-37 The disciples ask who is the greatest (assuming it’s ‘yours truly’ of course), but Jesus takes a child and teaches that acceptance in the kingdom does not depend on rank, status, or membership in the ‘inner circle’ of ministry. Continue reading

The Sovereign of the Serengeti

The Sovereign of the Serengeti

East, Central, and South Africa are home to some of the most spectacular game parks in the world.  People trek to this part of the globe for the sole purpose of catching a glimpse of the Big Five in their natural habitat.  The Big Five is a term coined by African hunters to denote five animals that have earned the reputation and possess the hardware to reverse the hunter and hunted roles in the lethal game of ‘bush tag’ (sorry ladies, the giraffe is not a member of this group even though it appears on t-shirts).  The killing squad includes elephant, leopard, rhino, cape buffalo, and lion.  These make the honor role of Africa’s deadliest. Continue reading

“Ministry Showcase” or Giving Our Life for Others?

It is grieving when so many Christians in the west are out of breath developing polished ministry programs and large-scale events while rarely, if ever, giving thought to the abuse, devastation, and destitute people living in horror throughout the world. “Disney Church” will not turn the world back to God.  A “theme park” agenda for “church activities” is impotent to deliver children soldiers and child sex slaves from their tormentors. Continue reading